Trigeminal Neuralgia

Following a routine dental cleaning in June, I developed an occasional ache in the left side of my jaw. I dismissed it, as I had had x-rays taken and no cavities were found. I assumed she had bumped something during the cleaning and that it would heal up on its own. Over the following weeks, I found myself waking to a piercing pain in my jaw and would need to get up and go downstairs and rest in Samantha’s empty bedroom.

In the middle of July, Andrew and I took a trip up to the Northshore. I was perfectly fine while we were hiking, but when we returned to the cabin to rest, I found myself in excruciating pain. The nerve in my jaw felt as if it was being repeatedly sliced with a steady, slow knife. I could not sit down, and laying down added fiery burning to the cutting of the knife-like pain.

We learned that I had a case of trigeminal neuralgia (a.k.a. suicide disease). It’s not a deadly disease, but it is debilitating in the pain it causes. I could not sleep at all. I spent the night pacing the room or soaking in the tub while researching my options. I was awake for three solid days before I stumbled upon my 10 dollar miracle cure on YouTube while soaking in said tub. Andrew went to the store that night to buy our makeshift supplies: olive oil, cayenne powder, and ace bandages. We made a paste out of the oil and cayenne and slathered it on the bandage which I slid against my throbbing jaw which I held in place for 30 minutes. The cayenne didn’t hurt as the pain in my jaw was so intense. I slept for 4 hours straight that first night. I kept it up for the next 3 days, about every couple hours until the pain left for good. I did burn myself, and don’t recommend that anyone apply the poultice that frequently. The video recommends once a day! The scientist who made the video had been living with TN for 7 years when he (and maybe a partner) discovered that capsicum could cure trigeminal neuralgia. As of the recording of the video he has been symptom free for 5 years. It’s such a simple, inexpensive cure that should be ubiquitous. It works. And, I cannot believe that physicians are not using it en masse.

So, now you know. Please share.

The happy hike before the pain ensued.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Do you still have to apply it regularly or is it gone once and for all?


    1. It’s gone: once and for all.


  2. Dorothy Mortimore says:

    I am so thankful for this post and your blog. I have been experiencing TN and was prescribed Neurontin with absolutely NO relief; in fact it worsened and I cannot eat or speak. I am definitely going to try this. At this point I do not feel as if I have anything to lose. Thank you.


    1. I hope it works for you too! I’m so sorry you are in pain. It really, truly worked for me. I’ve never had a recurrence. Sending my support.


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