A Little History

For those of you unaware of the history of Autumn\’s diagnosis, I\’ll summarize the major events in a few bullet points below.

I\’ll update more as I think of things and go through my other notes.

  • Mar 2015:  Autumn had two back to back grand mal seizures – something I wouldn\’t wish on anyone.  I was present for the second one which again ended up in another ambulance ride to the local ER.  
  • Feb 2015:  Autumn had 2 or 3 small seizures over the course of about 10 days.  The first one being very scary and ending up with another ambulance ride into the local ER.  
  • Dec 2009 to Feb 2015:  Regular MRIs to monitor any regrowth of the tumor after the resection.  Over the years it is possible to see minimal regrowth at the boundaries of the tumor wall.
  • Dec 2009:  Autumn spent about 5 days in physical and occupational therapy.  Side affects from the surgery included limited ability to speak and severely limited movement and mobility on the right hand side of her body.
  • Dec 2009:  Underwent complete tumor resection surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH.  The surgery lasted about 7 hours if I remember correctly, and we spent 5 days or so in the hospital.
  • Sept 2009:  Autumn\’s first grand mal seizure which ended up with an ambulance trip to the ER, and a night in the hospital.  This is where we received the first CT scan and MRI showing the obvious mass \\ tumor growing in her left-hand frontal lobe.

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