A love note to Andrew

Hard work, discipline, risk, educated choices, make for a satisfying, rich life. My husband and daughter are driving towards the dingy L.A. city of San Pedro at this very moment. I haven’t been there since I left back in 1997. It’s crazy satisfying to be on this side of it. The week before I left San Pedro in 1997, I seriously considered walking into the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of Palos Verdes, and collapsing into the black waves. I can feel the cool grainy sand on my bare feet as I watched the darkness aggressively lap the shore, while imagining my pain dissolving into the sea. Thankfully, I made the slow walk back to my car. And, now, my daughter, and her wonderful father are going to cruise past my old apartment and drive the coastal path I did before I knew the possibility of life with a loving family. They are there visiting the University of Southern California, which was as much of an option for myself at that time as much as one considers moving to the moon. Choices. Andrew and I have worked our asses off. Sacrificed. Studied. And, sacrificed more. It. Was. Worth. It. 

Thank you, love, for living life passionately with me.

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