Mayo Clinic Visit with the Neuro-oncologist

Today was amazing.  For one, it is simply wonderful to be back in Minnesota with the beautiful landscapes, fantastic Caribou coffee, and all of the \”Minnesota Nice People.\”  I don\’t know if it\’s just me, and my Minnesotan roots, but this place is special.  🙂  Mayo Clinic is also special.  The neuro-doctor was extremely thorough, …

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Adding Autumn

Autumn and I have decided to jointly post to this blog – as she has been receiving many questions from friends and family.  She is a much better \”poster\” than I am.  So, the next post will be from her… Andrew


I hope this blog will be an \”OK\” way to share information with this group of our friends.  I was considering using Facebook, but something about the public nature and limited ability to control access sent me back to blogger.  Let\’s see how it goes. Andrew

Thank You

Very first off, I would like to say thank you to all of our neighbors, friends, and family for the support, words of encouragement and help provided during the past week.  Going through challenging circumstances in life becomes much more manageable with a network of support. And of course to my lovely wife and daughters, …

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