“You live as if you were destined to live forever, no thought of your frailty ever enters your head, of how much time has already gone by you take no heed. You squander time as if you drew from a full and abundant supply, though all the while that day which you bestow on some person or thing is perhaps your last.” ~Seneca

For those who are checking in on how I am faring, thank you, I truly appreciate it! It is an exciting time for our family! Samantha is deep into living her wonderfully charmed life at the University of Minnesota. It’s lovely having her close by. Makaela is up to her musical ears in preparations for next year! As a music major, college requirements are crazy detailed and demanding. Andrew is enjoying his work now more than ever. And, I am deep in the trenches of research as I try to find the healthiest path ahead.

I may give more details later as to what I am doing and researching, but I just wanted to say “hi,” as my last post was a cliff-hanger. I am still on the cliff, but am doing fabulously and am inching my way back. It’s an exiting time. Fingers crossed.

“Free thinkers are those who are willing

to use their minds without prejudice

and without fearing to understand things

that clash with their customs, privileges, or beliefs.

This state of mind is not common,

but it is essential for right thinking;

where it is absent,

discussion is apt to become useless.” ~Leo Tolstoy

“If something is going to happen to me, I want to be there.” ~Albert Camus

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