Mayo and My Heart

The story of my heart:  In 2011, Andrew and I had our blood work done while living in India, as it was very cost effective along with being a comprehensive work up which is next to impossible to receive in the U.S..  We weren\’t expecting anything eye opening, we were just curious and were in India, so why not?  Andrew\’s came back with beautiful results (of course), but the cardiologist wanted to meet with me as he said my cholesterol levels were concerning–my HDL was too low, and my LDL was quite high.  I was a vegan at this time, living on salad greens, lentils, and green tea, and exercising daily–unlike my sweet, eat whatever he wanted, didn\’t have time to exercise husband.  The cardiologist said to cut out the lentils and to come back and see him in a few weeks.  I never did go back, and I really did not believe the lentils were driving up my cholesterol…I simply let the concern slip from my memory.

Fast forward to last month, when my internist/family doctor had my blood work done and checked my cholesterol levels.  (I did not realize that she had ordered a cholesterol work-up, and had completely forgotten that I had ever had high cholesterol levels.  O\’ the bliss of ignorance!)  When I went in for my follow-up appointment she showed me the test results.  She was quite concerned by my cholesterol levels, thus scheduled an appointment for me with one of the top cardio doctors in the U.S.,  who happens to be at Mayo, three floors down from the neuro doctors.

Unfortunately, it appears that the two organs, that are supposed to be my wisest and heartiest are playing a cruel joke on me, making my life much more complicated than I\’d like it to be.  I don\’t look sick, and I don\’t think I am \”sick\” per-say, I think I simply must have awful genetic coding.  Perhaps my parent\’s drug/alcohol use messed up my DNA.  I really do not know why I am so unlucky health-wise. There is no heart disease nor cancer on either side of my direct family line.  It\’s a mystery to me, and to all involved.

….so, we are waiting to hear from my neuro-surgeon next week to see what he recommends and then try to coordinate that with the heart specialist for more testing and see which naughty organ needs the most urgent care.

You never know what today holds, so love deeply, and live authentically.  xoxo Autumn Marie

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