Mayo & the State Fair

We have been to Mayo and back, and now we are home with our girls to enjoy the long Labor Day weekend.  Sam is putting in her last 7 hours at HyVee this morning which concludes her career in the grocery business, and Andrew and Makaela are picking up some paneer to make our favorite Indian dishes.
The visits went well.  First we dealt with my heart. My cholesterol continues to climb (469) and since I already have some disease in my carotid artery at \”the young age of 39\” (so sweet of them to say that) they absolutely want me on statins.  Andrew and I have decided to adjust our diet, lower our cholesterol intake (i.e. add lots of veggies and low-carb fruits) and then have my blood retested in a month to see if it has any impact on my cholesterol levels before adding the statins to my regimen.  It does not appear that the diet is helping slow tumor growth, but it may be aiding in seizure control, so we will just play around with it and see what works best.  When I was on a vegan diet, my cholesterol was half of what it is now (mid 200\’s which is still quite high, but better!!  😉
My brain appears less worrisome to the doctors than my high cholesterol–at least to the cardiologists! 😉  The tumor is still on its steady, slow growth as it has been since we started monitoring it in 2009, but the fabulous news it that only the front part of the tumor appears to be growing, and apparently it\’s growing into a part of the brain that is not used– just empty space.  So, what that means is that I will remain asymptomatic in terms of speech loss, coordination issues, etc…this is such a relief!  My neurologist agreed that it will not benefit me more to do a craniotomy/chemo/radiation now as opposed to later, but to be fair, she does make it clear that she would prefer I act sooner than later.  She understands that I lost quite a bit the first time around, and thus understands my hesitation to treat due to the very real risks of losing more quality of life. 
After my appointments we headed straight to St. Paul to attend the Minnesota State Fair. As a child, I attended the fair every year, sometimes multiple times thanks to my energetic, fair loving grandparents.  When Andrew and I lived downtown Minneapolis we attended the fair almost nightly.     This time, 15 years later, we fully embraced our new self-imposed freedom to consume some carbs and throughly enjoyed the world\’s best cheese curds and buttery corn on the cob, rode the skyride with our legs dangling in the open air, and relished in the \”Minnesota-ness\” of the place.  It was pure fun and deliciousness.  
Thanks for checking in!  Take care of you, and I hope all is well.  
xoxo ~ Autumn


4 thoughts on “Mayo & the State Fair”

  1. Hi Autumn! Just sending a virtual hug. We pray for you every day for whatever that is worth. I was on Facebook today and saw an old post about Anne of Green Gables. That story always makes me think about you. Just finished reading a book called “Let your Life Speak…” By Parker Palmer and it also made me think of you, for some reason. Anyway, glad to share in your good news. So amazed at Sam and Mak growing up so fast and so well. Lots of love, Alina

  2. I always enjoy catching up with your family on your blog. Glad to hear the good news on the MRI front. And, hopefully, the cardiac/cholesterol issues can be worked through. (((Hugs)))

  3. Hi Alina! 🙂 Thank you for the hug and the prayers–I really appreciate it. I just added the book “Let your life Speak” to my Amazon cart, it looks like an interesting read. The girls are growing up fast, and are so fun and sweet. How do you like living in the south again? I bet you guys LOVE it!! 🙂 Thanks again for thinking of me & we still do adore Anne of Green Gables! 😉 Lots of love and hugs to you, Autumn

  4. Hi Robin! Thank you for checking in!! 🙂 I'm so loving my new diet of not having to eat meat!! I'm such a vegetarian at heart. Hopefully, it will help with my cholesterol–fingers crossed. 😉 I hope all is well with you and your sweet girls. Hugs back! <3 ~Autumn

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